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Lily was recently featured on the cover of the style section of the SF Chronicle. Check it out here!  

        Holbrook's true talent as a vocalist and a songwriter were starkly obvious on a cold Tuesday evening last month, when she played for a packed crowd at Sky Bar in Somerville. In a ruffled crimson top, black skirt, and black fishnet stockings, with a black silk flower behind her ear, Holbrook resembled a 1940s jazz singer. The crowd was reverently quiet as she sang, frowning and squinting downward, as though getting out the songs was a physically demanding process. On the subway she's a captivating voice, on her albums a girl with a point, but onstage she's the whole package.

~The Boston Globe

Holbrook finds ways to shake free from predictability.

~The Washington Post

She's got melodies and something to say and a compelling voice, and she wants to rock out sometimes, and I'm in favor of all these things.


Lily's got that real effortless, piercing, soaring thing going on -- like whoa.

~The Boston Phoenix

The songwriting recalls the grrl-rock and songstress era of the mid-'90s well, possibly with more writing ability.