Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt -
 A fiercely independent spirit has led musician Lily Holbrook down a wild, and sometimes weary, but never boring path. The singer/songwriter recognized her passion at an early age. While shy and awkward at school, little Lily was a natural performer at home with the family. In an attempt to bring her out of her shell her mom enrolled her in drama class and eventually voice lessons. Her teacher was quick to note that Lily had a unique vocal talent. At age 17, she was invited to a private audition of the Broadway tour of "Les Miserables." However, with college only a year away, mom had other plans for her. She went on to study musical theater at Emerson College in Boston, MA but Lily had her sights on something else altogether- Rock and Roll! Growing up Lily had been influenced by everything from Classic Rock to 90's Alternative as well as solo artists such as Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. She craved the honesty that these artists displayed and the ability to connect with the audience on a deeply personal level. For years she had been writing her own songs but was still plagued by stage fright. At 20 years old, Lily saw lovely folk singer Mary Lou Lord busking in one of Boston's subway stations. This would prove to be a life changing event. Thinking it would help prime her for club performances, Lily decided to take to the subway herself. The response from those passing by was overwhelmingly positive and helped urge her on, slowly but surely gaining confidence in her own material. 

Lily first unleashed her voice on a wider audience with her independent debut “Running from the Sky”. Described by fans as “a somber fairy tale” the ethereal vocals and dark lyrics quickly earned a cult following resulting in the street singer selling over 20,000 copies as an unsigned artist.  After graduating from Emerson, Lily moved to Los Angeles where she continued to busk on the third street promenade in Santa Monical. With her steady street buzz she was a natural choice for the film, “Playing for Change”-a rockumentary highlighting the lives of 16 street musicians across the country. The film struck a chord with audiences and was added into rotation on the Sundance Channel, the Independent Film Channel and Comcast On Demand. It also secured Lily her first record deal with BackPorch/Virgin and she released her second album “Everything Was Beautiful and Hurt.”

Caught in the shuffle of folding record labels Lily soon found herself one of many displaced artists. Feeling a little tattered and torn from the grind of the industry, she moved back home to Boston but was quickly offered another record deal and she soon found herself moving to NYC. There she released a third album “Wicked Ways". After a year of some amazing opportunities such as an opening performance for Brian Wilson and a slot at New Jersey’s “All Points West” festival headlined by Radiohead, Lily found herself once again in a state of flux. Her label, Alive Experience, had collapsed due to the rapidly changing state of music. 

Dejected but determined not to give up, she headed back west but this time to a place where creativity reigns supreme. Home of the freaks among freaks; San Francisco. For the first time, Lily truly felt at home. Six years later she still calls the Bay her home. Her passion for causes such as LGBT rights, animal welfare and women’s issues has her donating her musical talents to various charitable organizations throughout the bay area. Going back to her roots she continues to busk on a regular basis delighting fans, locals and tourists with her impromtu concerts!  In the words of legendary producer Glen Ballard (Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Michael Jackson): “Lily Holbrook is the real deal!”

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